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What tableware to buy?

The representative of the online store posmos.ru Dmitry Zanosov told us about tableware buyers  wish to purchase, how to distinguish an original from a fake and much more.
What is typical for the tableware market in Russia today?
Today there is a paradoxical situation: buyers want to buy tableware of European brand at Chinese price and get upset when they recognize that it is impossible. Nowadays the desire to save money become an absolute trend. 

What tableware is popular today?
Many Russian brands have come to the market. They have already been here but managers who contact with distributors didn’t exist. And there also weren’t any sites, photographs of goods and etc. Sale of goods on small online points is a good thing, but the restriction of distribution channels is detrimental in terms of online purchasing. Because of that China appeared on tableware market. China is really popular as well as brands that are produced in China, but hiding behind the European name. If speaking about material, we are seeing a decline in demand for porcelain in comparison with 2014.

What segment of the product are you planning to develop further?
Firstly, we are going to make useful design of the shop. This is the primary task. With regard to the range, we have 10,000 items and providers are constantly delivering something new. Perhaps we will sell these products and wont look for the others.

In your expert opinion, what tableware will become extreme necessary among buyers in 2016?
If we talk about brands, of course Bekker and Winner. Due to the difficult economic situation in the country, buyers tend to save money on everything, especially on quality characteristics. Porcelain, more like earthenware, with crooked sticky decor — not a reason to abandon the purchase, if alternative a decent quality product is 3-4 times more expensive. Named brands are producing all at once. The smell of cheap plastic from plastic products in the office periodically prevents from work. People not only buy it but even call to inform when the sale comes up again...

Which manufacturers hold the best position in the segment of porcelain: Russian or foreign?
We, unfortunately, don’t deal with Russian porcelain. Probably, we haven’t not received interesting proposals yet. If you forget about Bekker and Winner and look at the self-respecting companies, you will see that bone china by Akky (Kazakhstan) is sold a little more intense than solid by Leander (Czech Republic).

How to distinguish the real brand from fakes?
That is an interesting issue. The tableware can be counterfeited. But there is a universal decision — to buy in the shops, that are ready to provide a certificate of quality of the products. Do not be ashamed to ask for a certificate. And of course, before buying it is useful to just read about the product and the material. But unfortunately, this actions doesn’t always protect buyers from buying a skillfully made fake.

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