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How do crises disappear? Examples of overcoming*

The situation in the tableware market is characterized in different ways. Some of the participants are talking about the post-crisis period with relief and make plans for the future, and others are predicting the beginning of a new wave of crisis and thinking about the other way to overcome it… In any case, companies need to offer the market a range that can satisfy all customers. 

Model of any business is a system with three main components: Product – Distribution Channel – Market.
If managing each element properly, the company is able to stabilize sales and occupy a leading position even while being in adverse conditions. To prove it let’s look at examples of effective solutions in the context of economic recession.
The Product
A decrease in consumer’s activity rapidly leads to a situation when:
a) The Product is not sold;
b) The Product accumulates in the warehouse;
C) Lack of sales slows down or completely stops the activities of the company. 

It is impossible to remember all the nuances, but it is necessary to work with the product itself. 

Let’s give one specific example.
Lili Porcelain Ind Co., Ltd. supplied to Russia not very expensive ceramic mugs from China. Due to the decrease in purchasing power, these products began to sell worse. Then it was decided to sell these ceramic mugs in the package in order to change the appearance of the product. Moreover, there was found a workshop in Russia where they managed to produce bright, colorful and cheap package. Thereafter, the wrapped product was distribute much faster. Further, several types of mugs began to be formed in the series.
After these actions  the sales have increased significantly. The crisis in this case disappeared.
It is very important that the supplier took care of the packaging. 5-6 years ago the products of the lowest price range sold well without any packaging. But now it doesn’t work! A good packaging increases the attractiveness of products in almost 2 times. 

Distribution channels
This is probably the most difficult element for any company, since the most effective way of selling is selling online with which there are still some problems. 

A specific example*. 

The company X which supplied enamelware decided to take a shelf in one of the leading hypermarkets. The first visit to the store ended sadly: representative of the supplier was asked not to ask this question again, since this product had already been sold and sales were not impressive. But the creative manager decided  to supply the products to the store chain. The next time he came into the store with booklets describing the product, where all the possible benefits of cooking in cookware of this particular manufacturer were shown. The Manager spent more than two weeks familiarizing customers with their products, giving them brochures. Further, the Manager managed to negotiate with the store about granting him a small part of one shelf to accommodate two or three items from their range. As payment for providing the shelf the manager promised an increase in sales of the entire Department by 15% at least. The result has justified itself. Now the company’s products have the shelf and are sold actively. The persistent manager celebrates victory and develops new methods of promoting products.
This is not the only example of successful marketing. Today there are a lot of convenience stores, focused primarily on retail trade. And these trading points are recently in high demand among both buyers and suppliers. 
Generally it is very important for the supplier to choose the form of the channel of sales. 
The first is the ability to accurately qualify and classify your products (there are different programs that allow you to calculate the location of the new item in the group of related items).
Further, it is desirable to come up with a new niche for a new product, close to that of similar products. This will give an opportunity to introduce a novelty and at the same time not to lose the attention of buyers who are already oriented in the right direction. 
Do not forget about color the palette. Here you need to play on the contrast or on similar shades. 
Do not be afraid of the unusual or funny approaches if they lead to successful solving of serious issues. Including product promotion, of course. Promoting our products, we shape the market.

The Market
The market creates itself by the actions of its participants. 
The market for suppliers (traders) are buyers. Buyers always want the best for little money. However, during the recession of consumer activity buyer can’t by surprised by anything. He needs a new and desired product. You can slightly alter the product to a certain age group, professional affiliation, etc., for example, once a Chinese company has released its products with greetings to birthday and accompanied cups with saucers, the number of buyers increased by almost 12%. 
It can seem that this is not the most expensive way but it is obviously useful and effective. And there are a lot of such ways. It should be noticed that the most simple or creative solutions often lead to rapid volume growth. And it is very important to constantly “keep abreast” and the work of what is called “proactive.” Have a rational creatism and justifiable dynamism!

 *All company names have been changed (randomly selected) for persons, who shared with us ways of overcoming the crisis.
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